Who We Are ?

NTS is company, that specializes in helping businesses Solutions that empowers and improves our client's business by creating custom web and software solutions to utilize Internet based technologies to grow their businesses.

In 2016 NTS was launched with an objective of providing services like website design, website marketing, graphic design ,Internet access services and s/w development amidst well-entrenched players. We have registered rapid growth.

We rely on total commitment to quality, relationships and advancement of Internet business. We try to make Internet work for each client in its own unique way. Its mission is to create seamless network of information superhighways, and focus on capitalizing on the opportunities of the Internet.

We have already started implementing its strategy and plan to be a market leader. We have an impressive product list for the fast growing Indian Internet and software community. These include very fast and reliable dial up connections, leased line connectivity, e-commerce, dedicated servers, co-location, content, information, entertainment, web centric consultancy and solutions, web designing and hosting and the list goes on..

Our line of business is very strong and will continue its aggressive growth this year and of-course the next target will be the whole Sri Lankan Internet Community.

Our philosophy of work

We always accept the hardest challenges and uphold the promises we make to our clients.

We support the certainty and clarity of our work to our partners as strongly as we can, on all stages of work.

We keep developing our intellectual resources and creative potential. We embrace fresh ideas and enjoy successful innovations.

The only thing we take seriously is your work.

We are a collective of creative professionals.